fixing bolt

A bolt used to hold a crankarm on an axle in a cotterless crankset.
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Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • crankarm fixing bolt — The bolt that holds a crankarm on the end of the axle in a cotterless crankset of a bicycle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • bolt — A securing device upon which a nut is threaded. It usually has a nut type head. It is usually measured not so much by the size of the wrench required to secure the bolt; but by the diameter of the threads, the thread pitch, the length of the bolt …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Bolt-on neck — is a method of guitar (or similar stringed instrument) construction that involves joining a guitar neck and body using screws as opposed to glue as with set in neck joints. The term is a misnomer, introduced mostly by Fender whose guitars… …   Wikipedia

  • bolt and nut — A pair of objects with matching screw threads. When either the bolt or the nut is turned, it moves with great force. Often used as fixing devices. The nut is the circular piece that looks like a ring with threads on the inside hole. The bolt is… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • fixing — noun 1. the act of putting something in working order again (Freq. 1) • Syn: ↑repair, ↑fix, ↑fixture, ↑mend, ↑mending, ↑reparation • Derivationally related forms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Anchor bolt — A cast in place anchor bolt An anchor bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete. There are many types of anchor bolts, consisting of designs that are mostly proprietary to the manufacturing companies. All consist of a threaded end …   Wikipedia

  • toggle bolt — noun a fastener consisting of a threaded bolt and a hinged spring loaded toggle; used to fasten objects to hollow walls • Hypernyms: ↑fastener, ↑fastening, ↑holdfast, ↑fixing * * * noun : a bolt that has a nut with pivoted flanged wings that… …   Useful english dictionary

  • nut and bolt — noun a fastener made by screwing a nut onto a threaded bolt • Hypernyms: ↑fastener, ↑fastening, ↑holdfast, ↑fixing • Part Meronyms: ↑bolt, ↑nut …   Useful english dictionary

  • U-bolt — noun A metal fixing in the shape of the letter U, which has a pin or screw bolt closure which fits across the two ends making a closed clamp …   Wiktionary

  • coach bolt — noun Brit. a large bolt with a round head, used chiefly for fixing wooden panels to masonry or to one another …   English new terms dictionary

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